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Onsite diagnostics fee --- $69.99
[Assessed to all customers. After which we will be able to tell you exactly what service will be needed.]
Shopper’s pick-up fee --- $19.99
[Have a geek shop for your necessary hardware or software before doing the job.]
*In most cases, only one or two services are needed for a full repair job to be completed.  This keeps our average bill out to a very low $191. Compare this job total to the Geek Squad's and you will find that we are on average over $100 cheaper than the Geek Squad and nearly $57 cheaper than all other major computer repair service vendors out there!

Virus removal --- $39.99
[Rid your pc of all viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, and logic bombs and other malware]
Spyware removal --- $39.99
[Rid your pc of all spyware, adware, and other malware]
Virus and spyware removal --- $59.99
[Rid your pc of all viruses and spyware category malware]
Quick system Tune-up --- $24.99
[‘Geek’ your pc up with our quick system tune-up]
Software installation --- $29.99
[Any (1) one piece of software installed]
Software installation x(2) --- $39.99
[Any (2) pieces of software installed]
Software installation 3+ --- $15
[If more than two software installations are requested, each additional title installation will be $15]
Software configuration --- $29.99
[Any (1) one piece of software configured]
Motherboard installation --- $89.99
[Installation of a Motherboard]
Hardware installation --- $29.99
[Installation of any (1) one piece of hardware excluding RAM or a Motherboard]
Ram installation --- $21.99
[Installation of laptop or desktop memory]
Operating system repair --- $59.99
[OS repair from a dysfunctional or non-bootable state]
Operating system restore --- $69.99
[Your pc will be beautifully restored to brand new ‘from the box’ condition]
Full Data backup --- $89.99
[Backup of more than 4GB of data]
Half data backup --- $49.99
[Backup of less than 4GB of data]
Data recovery --- $199.99
[Recovery of any lost data or data from a bad/dysfunctional hard drive]
Data recovery attempt --- $54.99
[Necessary service charge for an unsuccessful attempt at recovering lost data]
Network configuration --- $49.99
[Configuration of an already existing network in order to make it function properly again]
Network setup or repair --- $49.99
[Setup of a new LAN (network) or repair of a dysfunctional LAN]
Miscellaneous --- $39.99
[Any non-categorized service request preformed (this is a per-service assessment)]

package one --- $119.99
[Virus and Spyware removal, Virus and Spyware software protection installation, a quick system tune-up, and a firewall installed or enabled]
package two --- $59.99
[Wireless network set up (including encryption) for up to 3 pc’s; $39 per pc thereafter.]
packag three  --- $159.99 per pc
[A combination of number one and number two package.]
[Wireless network set up (including encryption) for up to 3 pc’s; $39 per pc thereafter.]
All prices are the same as on-site service charges except for:
Motherboard Replacement --- $109.00
LCD Screen Replacement --- $89.00
Power Jack Replacement --- $89.00
*Prices do not include shipping and parts. Parts & shipping must be additionally assessed.

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